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Did you know that hiring a Buyer’s Agent in Colorado is essentially free to you? That’s right, our commissions are normally paid by the Sellers / Listing Agents, so there are no out of pocket costs to have an agent in your corner when you’re purchasing a home. This is amazing news because we learned a long time ago that you make your money in real estate when you buy! When it’s time to sell a home, your value is mostly determined by similar homes that have recently sold in the immediate neighborhood, know what I mean?

With this in mind, we invest a ton of time with
home buyers on the front side to make sure you understand the home buying process, we understand your real estate goals, and we’re setting you up for success in the future. We obviously want to know what physical home features are important to you, but we’re much more interested in how we can help you build your own Denver Home Lifestyle while you maximize your investment. We have a solid process in place for Denver home buyers, and when you’re ready, we’ll sit down with you and build a custom strategy to achieve your specific real estate dreams


If you’re excited to get rolling, download our Buyer’s guide and CONTACT US TODAY. For next steps, we’ll figure out a time to get together in person for coffee, happy hour or lunch. We can also schedule a phone call or video chat to get started, whatever works best for you!

A Denver Homebuyers Guide From A Top Denver Real Estate Company


We've had an awesome time helping friends, family, and clients purchase houses in the Denver Metro for over 17 years. Here are some of our recent client purchases. 


If you are wondering if you can afford to purchase a home in Denver, take the time to check out our free mortgage calculator. These numbers will give you some great insight on if you can qualify for a mortgage and move forward with the pre approval process.

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