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This neighborhood is located just to the east of Downtown Denver and in the heart of it all, Uptown is basically where it’s at!  North of Capitol Hill, this growing urban-living area is host to an eclectic mix of destinations from sports bars, prohibition style speakeasy’s, trendy theaters, fancy restaurants, cantinas and trendy LGBT hot spots.  The ever-eccentric Colfax with its convenience, live-music venues, and neighborhood renewal programs borders the south with 20th Street on the north.


The architecture of the area varies from Victorian and Queen Anne-style homes to newer modern loft-style apartments, condos and historic brick houses.  This neighborhood combines a contemporary urban atmosphere with a historic vibe. For the chic and urban set, buying in Uptown delivers with style, offering a lively, cultural neighborhood to call home.


This area offers ease of accessibility to Downtown Denver, attracting those who crave a truly urban environment. Positioned along “restaurant row,” the Uptown neighborhood boasts some of the cities best restaurants, shops, and bars.  The nearby crown jewel of Denver is City Park, which has 300+ acres of open space, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo.


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